Guinea Pig Behavior

Guinea Pig Behavior

Find and read articles on your guinea pig’s behavior.

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Guinea Pig Sneezes At Hay
Can guinea pigs be allergic to hay?

Guinea Pig Poops In Food Dish
Is there a way to stop a guinea pig from pooping in its food dish?

Guinea Pig Vibrates
Is it normal for guinea pigs to vibrate when being held?

Keeping A Lone, Male Guinea Pig Happy
What setup will keep a male guinea pig happy when he must be separated from female guinea pigs?

10 Common Guinea Pig Behaviors Explained
From squealing to sleeping with their eyes open, pet guinea pigs baffle and charm us with their behavior.

Basic Guinea Pig Training
Find out what you can train your guinea pig to do.

Behind Guinea Pig Noises
Find out what the sounds your guinea pig makes mean.

Guinea Pig Body Language
Learn to read your guinea pigs body language.

Guinea Pig Daytime and Nighttime Behavior
Find out the best time to handle your guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Litter Training
Encourage your guinea pig to use a litter box.

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