Hamster Behavior

Find and read articles on your hamster’s behavior.


Hamster Fun Outside The Cage
Try some of these out-of-cage options with your hamster.

Understanding Your Hamster’s Sleep Schedule
Learn to work with your hamster’s sleep schedule instead of altering it.

Identify Hamster Body Language And Stress
Hamsters communicate with body language and vocalizations.

The Language Of Hamsters
Use these 14 tips to better understand your hamster.

Types of Hamsters
Learn all about hamster species and which types of hamsters are best for kids or adults.

Hamster Playtime
Know when it’s a good time to play with a hamster.

Handling Hamsters
Know how to handle a hamster before you try to pick it up.

Pet Hamster Species
Get to know the five species of pet hamsters.

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