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Find and read articles on your hamster’s health.

Hamster’s Eye Dies
Is it possible to treat a hamster’s eye if it pops out of the eye socket?

Hamster Elimination Habits
Clean your hamster’s elimination area daily for a happy, healthy pet.

Basic Hamster Diet
Learn all about hamster food and diet, including how hamsters stuff their cheek pouches and tips for feeding hamsters.

Fresh Water Tips For Hamsters
Hamsters need access to fresh, clean water.

Hamster Supplements And Treats
Find out what treats and supplements are best for a hamster.

Introducing Hamsters To New Foods
Use these tips to encourage hamsters to try new foods.

Share Table Foods With Your Hamster
Fresh foods are important to a hamster’s daily diet.

Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters And Diabetes
Discover the signs of diabetes in hamsters and how to treat a diabetic hamster.

Finding A Veterinarian Knowledgeable About Hamsters
Follow these tips to help you locate a veterinarian for your pet hamster.

Hamster Cheek Pouch Care
Learn how to keep your hamster’s cheek pouches healthy.

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