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Hamster Shakes When Held
If a hamster shakes when it’s held, does this indicate a medical problem or fear?

Hamsters Living With Other Pets
Can a dwarf hamster live with a guinea pig, rabbit or other pet species?

Hamsters Get Judged At The CHA Hamster Show at AFPE
The California Hamster Association held a hamster show that judged both Pet Classes and Standards Classes at the 2012 America’s Family Pet Expo in Costa Mesa, California.

Hamster Behaviors Revealed
Be familiar with hamster behavior and know how to prevent bites.

Hamster Fun Outside The Cage
Try some of these out-of-cage options with your hamster.

Understanding Your Hamster’s Sleep Schedule
Learn to work with your hamster’s sleep schedule instead of altering it.

Identify Hamster Body Language And Stress
Hamsters communicate with body language and vocalizations.

The Language Of Hamsters
Use these 14 tips to better understand your hamster.

Finding a Lost Hamster
Is your hamster lost? These five tips will help you locate your missing hamster.

Hamster Travel Tips
Be prepared when traveling with a hamster.

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