Kitten Goes Bananas For Hamster Ball

Upon encountering a rolling ball containing a hamster, a kitten gets all kinds of excited.

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A hamster ball is like a toy that COMES TO LIFE.

If you love watching kittens go ballistic in that way that only kittens can, you might love a new video.

A kitten playing with a hamster ball shows off some adorable freakout moves, a video posted to YouTube by America’s Funniest Home Videos shows. We guess we would, too, if an ordinary toy like a ball came to life.

The kitten first looks like it’s starting a simple game of fetch. Then, it goes ape poopy over the ham-ball.

There’s a big leap, and a backward dance move. Even the cat carrier door sets off the tiny fluffball at one point.

It's the toy that plays back with you: Hamster ball.  Via  America's Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

It’s the toy that plays back with you: Hamster ball. Via America’s Funniest Home Videos/YouTube

After a solid nap (kittening is exhausting), we’re sure the pair will be back for more.

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