Lovebird Bird Species

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Lovebird Bird Species
Lovebirds are usually referred to in the plural, giving the impression that they do best kept in pairs. However, those who share their lives with these confident, inquisitive and busy little birds report that having two might make you a “third wheel,” and they won’t be afraid to let you know of your outsider status via a nip.

A single lovebird that receives plenty of human interaction, as well as an endless supply of safe items to chew up, can be an ideal pet bird.

You might be able to recycle your paper shredder if you have a female lovebird in the house. They tear off straight lines of paper, creating strips that look like they were cut with scissors. Female lovebirds take this paper obsession a little further and stuff the strips of paper in their tail feathers, creating an elaborate display that would make a peacock proud. .