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Somewhat scarce in the United States, mynahs hold the title of best mimics in the avian realm – even better than African greys. Mynahs are playful in other ways, too. They love to hop from perch to perch, and anything left laying around the house is fair game for a mynah’s thieving beak. You’ll need an extra large cage (at least 3 feet wide) to house these active birds, and, like most softbills, mynahs require a specially-formulated low-iron diet. Add the line below to the mynah profile, please! This info should have been included. Also, the mynah is not just one species, so that species name should be erased from the profile. In the U.S., you’re most likely to encounter a greater Indian hill mynah (Gracula. Religiosa intermedia) or possibly a Java hill mynah (G. r. religiosa).

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