Nano Tanks

Nano Tank Revolution
As the talk of “going green” continues to heat up, the once-fringe notion of nano tanks becomes more and more acceptable and desirable.

Saltwater Nano-Cube
A brand-spanking-new 12-gallon nano-cube sits in the AFI editorial office, and you can help me stock it. One hint, though, it’s going to be a saltwater setup.

New Generation Nano Tanks
The new nano tanks have better lighting and better filtration than what was available just a few years ago.

Macroalgae in a Mini Reef Aquarium
Can I use macroalgae, such as Caulerpa and Cheato, in a mini reef aquarium?

Marine Nano Tank Problems
Diagnosing and correcting problems in a marine nano tank.

Marine and Reef Nano-Cubes
Are nano-cubes better setups than building one yourself?

Nano Reef Tanks and Fish Size
What fish can you keep in a nano reef aquarium?

The Right Corals for Nano Tanks
Cnidarians for Nano-Reefs.

2.6 Gallon Fluval Spec III Nano Tank Ships
Fluval Spec III nano tank has same features as Fluval Spec V in smaller form factor.

Finnex 4-gallon Glass Pico Tank Review
A well-designed and well-crafted small aquarium, complete with a light and filter.