New Home, New ‘Leash’ On Life For Abused Dog Caitlyn

Dog whose muzzle was taped shut is recovering and rehabilitating in a foster home.

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Caitlyn kicks off July in her new foster home! Via Caitlyn's Comeback/Facebook
Caitlyn kicks off July in her new foster home! Via Caitlyn's Comeback/Facebook

Caitlyn the dog’s life nearly came to an untimely end in late May after someone cruelly taped shut the 15-month-old pooch’s muzzle with duct tape.

Now things are moving forward for the lovable chocolate Staffordshire Terrier mix from North Charleston, South Carolina, who has stolen hearts around the globe. After receiving extensive medical treatment, Caitlyn moved into a medical foster home Tuesday where she will stay for the next several months, reports the Daily Mail.

The world loves Caitlyn! Via Facebook

The world loves Caitlyn! Via Caitlyn’s Comeback/Facebook

Two large pinkish scars stretching from one side of Caitlyn’s snout to the other are all that physically remain of her harrowing ordeal. Facebook posts by the Charleston Animal Society show the cute canine is happy, doing well and ready to get on with the next phase of her life.

And what better way to celebrate her new “leash” on life than to hang out with a bunch of hot firefighters!

Caitlyn did just that recently when she took part in a photo shoot with 12 of South Carolina’s bravest for an upcoming calendar. All proceeds from calendar sales reportedly will go to Charleston Animal Society’s Toby’s Fund, which helps ailing animals.


It’s getting hot in here! Caitlyn poses with some of South Carolina’s bravest. Via Caitlyn’s Comeback/Facebook

As Petcha first reported after the incident, doctors said they thought Caitlyn may lose her tongue, be severely disfigured and may suffer life-threatening complications. However, they were able to save a much more tissue than expected, due to the use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and cold laser therapy.

Caitlyn gets some sun before heading to her new home. Via Facebook

Caitlyn gets some sun before heading to her new home. Via Charleston Animal Society/Facebook

Caitlyn will remain in her foster home until she can be adopted next year. She remains the center of a criminal investigation targeting her previous owner, William Dobson, 41, who was arrested last month, accused of animal cruelty, and currently out on a $50,000 bond, Daily Mail reports.

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  • She’s a beautiful girl! I am so happy that she was found in time to be saved. Our animals love us unconditionally & just don’t understand how anybody could do this or any kind of harm to them. They should tape William Dobsons mouth shut with his tongue hanging out! May he rot in h**l!!

    Patty Ferguson August 3, 2015 4:16 pm Reply
  • Caitlyn is a very beautiful and strong survivor and I hope she will emotionally recover in time,because not all people are bad.Hope she continues on her journey to a beautiful life.

    nicole obando August 4, 2015 10:21 am Reply
  • My God! She is absolutely precious! How many humans could be subjected to the horrible treatment Caitlyn was and come out the other side so happy and loving? I am an anthropologist and study people, which I find fascinating, but sometimes I wonder if I shouldn’t have become a zoologist. Animals are often such better “people” than humans are.

    Julie Cobb August 4, 2015 8:02 pm Reply
  • just wonderful, after seeing this story in the people magazine it just touched my soul deeply. it made me think about my doggies who is all now resting in doggie heavean after living a beautiful life for 18yrs. i hope and wish her the best; even after having her mouth shut closed with her tongue hanging out, she still manage to still want love by wagging her tail. shouldnt that tell people a story. so touching and i will hold her in my prayers. i hope she continue to be treated wonderful, and i thank the doggie doctors for saving her life. as far as the evil un-Godly man, he will for sure get his hundreds. and if he dont get it, his children, his love ones whom he claims to love will get it. all he did is cursed his living life along with his unborn life that lays ahead.

    tara L. Eatman September 29, 2015 4:24 pm Reply

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