Parrot Belts Out ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ But Does It Really Sing?

A video uploaded to YouTube claims a parrot sings R. Kelly's hit song.

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YouTube user WhosPterodactyl uploaded a video claiming a parrot singing R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”
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You have to be skeptical about this new video. The video itself shows absolutely nothing remotely resembling a parrot, let alone a parrot singing a verse of R. Kelly’s hit “I Believe I Can Fly.” But, if it is true as the folks who uploaded the video to YouTube believe it is, well then hats off to the singing parrot.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by WhosPterodactyl on April 11, and it reveals what is thought to be a parrot singing two verses of the hit song. A woman’s voice is also heard singing in the video, apparently coaxing the “singing bird” to sing.

The only thing that appears on the video, in addition to the voices is this tree Via WhosPterodactyl/YouTube

The only thing that appears on the video, in addition to the voices is this tree Via WhosPterodactyl/YouTube

Parrot: I believe I can fly.
Woman: I believe I can touch the sky.
Parrot: I think about it every night and day.

There is a lot of giggling going on in the video from what appears to be three folks in the clip. Their reactions seem plausible, but the video doesn’t show anything that could conclusively prove that a parrot sings the song. Subsequent clips by the same user detail the “parrot” singing several verses of “Pretty Woman.”

The Daily Mail went so far as to consult with a companion parrot behaviorist after folks questioned the authenticity of the video.

“Not easy to tell for certain, but yes, I think we are hearing the bird sing and that it is most probably an Amazon parrot,” Greg Glendell told the Daily Mail. “It does sound ‘parroty,’ whereas a Grey parrot’s [an African species that has better mimicry capabilities than an Amazon parrot] reproduction of sound is far more similar to the human voice than this one.”

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  • Definitely an Amazon parrot. Alot of parrot talking/singing videos are shot just showing something radom because most times if the parrot sees you, it will get distracted and stop singing. Contrary to popular belief, most parrots don’t talk/sing on demand. Independent little buggers!

    K R April 18, 2016 1:56 pm Reply
  • I have two singers here – an amazon and a macaw, and the minute they see me r the camera, that is it – the end of the show. I have not yet been able to capture either of them singing on video.

    Paula May 3, 2016 4:14 pm Reply

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