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Although only about 5 inches in length, parrotlets act a lot bigger. Their outgoing dispositions make them a good choice for most pet bird households, although they sometimes land into trouble when chasing other animals or larger birds around. They’re comical and often fiercely devoted to their owners. Parrotlets found in U.S. homes come from the Forpus genus. “The biggest problem with any parrotlet is their tiny size, which allows them to get into trouble by falling behind furniture, getting lost, and getting stepped on. Since parrotlets are so tiny, you have to be extra vigilant about watching them when they are out of their cages. They can easily be killed by other pets. If you can leave your parrotlet flighted, it may help them get themselves out of a dangerous situation. There is nothing more dangerous than a teensy parrotlet walking around on the floor.” -Natasha Laity-Snyder, CVT and The Gabriel Foundation director of education and outreach

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