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Often compared to Amazons, Pionus parrots are slightly smaller and less boisterous than their Central and South American cousins. They’re outgoing and intelligent and rarely display some of the behavior problems commonly seen in pet birds, such as feather plucking and repetitive screaming. Eight species make up the Pionus genus, although you’ll likely only see five or six of these in U.S. homes.

Pionus parrots are mostly quiet, calm and observant birds. Though they lack the bright colors of other birds, their coloring is best seen under good lighting, where their iridescent feathers shine. Their biggest appeal is their personality. Pionus parrots generally aren’t big on cuddling or being petted, preferring instead to watch what is going on around them. Their independent natures that appeals to many people as they typically are not as attention demanding as other birds. While not prolific at talking, some Pionus parrots pick up a few words.

Pionus parrots often have a habit of not exercising enough. Encourage them to play by getting toys that they can tear apart and moveable perches that bounce and bob, like a boing or a swing.

Some Pionus parrots have a tendency to be territorial around their cages, strutting around as if they were on guard duty. Do not approach your Pionus parrot when it is like thi. Instead wait until it is ready to come out on its own.

Though Pionus parrots lack flashy colors, they have great qualities that are perfect to the birdowner looking for an independent, quiet pet. .

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