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Poicephalus Bird Species
Poicephalus parrots include the Meyer’s, red belly, Jardine’s, Senegal, brown head and uncape parrot.Poicephalus, in general, are not as cuddly as some other medium-sized birds, such as conures, or seize-the day-types like lories and caiques. They tend to be a bit more independent, devoting a good amount of time to playing with their toys and bouncing on their boing perches. They can have intriguing body postures, such as leaning hunched forward on the perch, and can be territorial.

Senegal parrots are the most popular of the Poicephalusparrot species. Their yellow iris gives them a somewhat intense gaze, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is possessed or aggressive. Senegals can be playful and devoted to their owners.

Red-bellied parrots have a reputation for being sociable, cuddly and excellent talkers. Meyer’s are often categorized as more reserved. Poicephalus can be good talkers if the owner takes the time to teach it key words and phrases. Their vocalizations are comprised of squeaks, chirps and a whistle that can reach high decibels. Teach it a quieter, more acceptable sound. .

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