Proof Your Ocicat’s Wild Style Is Just a Front

The Ocicat resembles the Ocelot, but without the wild cat behavior.

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Fierce is not a word in the wild-looking Ocicat’s vocabulary. 
Via  the_chronicles_of_neffy/Instagram
Fierce is not a word in the wild-looking Ocicat’s vocabulary. Via the_chronicles_of_neffy/Instagram
Katrina Rossos

The Ocicat is a domestic cat breed that looks a lot like a wild feline. But, even though their exotic spots resemble that of an Ocelot, the Ocicat’s ancestral roots originate with the Abyssinian, the Siamese and the American Shorthair — and their temperament is a perfect mix of all three domestic cat breeds: playful, loving and friendly.

Here are seven ways Ocicats are really just tame kitties, despite their wild appearance!

1. Nighttime equals sleepy time for Ocicats, not lurking in the jungle.

2. They prefer peace to hunting.

3. They adore hugs and kisses.

4. They’d rather climb a tree covered in carpet than a real tree.

5. They appreciate fine art.

6. They would rather watch TV than watch prey.

7. Finally, Ocicats like nothing more than lounging with their humans. Something, you may not want to do with a feline in the wild!

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  • Out daughters surprised us with an Ocicat for Christmas in 2011. Saphira was about two at the time and was being retired from breeding. Even though we did not pick her out, had not planned on adopting any cat at that time, and had not even heard of an Ocicat, it took us about two days to fall totally in love with her and the breed. Eleven months later we adopted Viola, another sweet Oci girl about 18 months old. Without getting too long, they are the best behaved, most loyal, and most entertaining felines ever to own us, going back over 40 years. They sleep curled up in bed with us every night, but never wake us up. They are absolute joys, rarely naughty and bringing us smiles many times every day. All this and those beautiful spotted coats too. We could not possibly be happier with our pair of little spotted “jungle cats”!

    Warren Taylor November 22, 2015 8:50 pm Reply
    • Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful story!

      Petcha Petcha November 24, 2015 5:04 pm Reply

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