Two Puppies Bully Dog Into Giving Up His Bed

The puppies ganged up on a dog to kick him out of the bed because they wanted it for themselves.

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It's two against one in the battle for the bed.

Bullying is never OK, unless it’s done by puppies. Then it’s adorable.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, two puppies decide they want to snag a dog bed that’s currently occupied by another dog, so they team up and relentlessly bark at the dog until he moves.

Via YouTube

“Give us that bed, pipsqueak! C’mon, get up! Getupgetupgetup!” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

At first, the smaller (and seemingly older) dog tries to stand up for himself by yipping and yapping to get them to back off.

Via YouTube

“Ugh, fine! Take the bed! Hooligans…” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

That doesn’t seem to work, though, and rather than tolerating these two canine punks, the older dog says screw it and stomps away. And as we’re sure you can guess, the two bully pups then hunker on down in the newly available dog bed.

Someone needs to teach these puppies to respect their elders!

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