This Puppy Deserves An Academy Award For Playing Dead

Nobody plays dead as well as this dog does in exchange for a treat.

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Whoa... are you still alive, little pup?

Dogs certainly know how to read the room — especially when it comes to getting treats.

They learn what it takes to get rewarded and they do just that. In a video uploaded to YouTube this week by NimbleTurtles, a dog takes “reading the room” to a whole new level with an insanely cute and convincing moment of playing dead.

And the award/treat goes to.... Via YouTube

And the award/treat goes to… Via YouTube

And keep in mind that this dog is a puppy, so that flop onto the floor paired with the stillness and paw defeatedly placed on the nose makes for a trick that deserves a standing ovation from Hollywood’s A-listers. The puppy probably won’t get that, but it’s still extremely impressive.

Props go to the owner for adding a dramatic “Bang!” as the command to play dead. A+ work for theatrics, you two. Now somebody get that puppy some much deserved treats!

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