Chihuahua Puppy Playing With Baby Goats Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Is there anything better than a tiny puppy jumping around and frolicking with two silly baby goats? The answer is no.

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Just another game of King of the Mountain for two goats and a puppy.

Warning: Your day is about to get a whole lot better.

In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by Sunflower Farm Creamery (a place that sounds like heaven, BTW), a Chihuahua puppy named Lola spends her afternoon playing with two baby goats.

The goat kids are perched on a what looks to be a hay bale, while Lola hops around on the grass atop her tiny puppy legs.

Whenever Lola gets close, the goats seem to prefer the higher ground and hop back on top of the bale. At first it seems very, “You can’t sit with us!” But really, it looks like the goats are still so awkward that the sturdiness of the bale is the only thing keeping them from constantly slipping into a classic goat spaz-out.

Like this:

Either way, clearly this trio knows how to enjoy their play time.

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