Puppy Reads Bedtime Story With Girl Who Can Barely Stay Awake For The Adorable Moment

A puppy helpes with a successful bedtime routine for a baby who crashes pretty readily.

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Bedtime assistance. Viabeshoy/Rumble
Bedtime assistance. Viabeshoy/Rumble

Bedtime can be a struggle with some kids. Based on a recent video, maybe the answer to easing that battle could be to add a puppy.

A 10-month-old baby girl tucked into a blanket, reading a book with her puppy, is seen in a video posted to Rumble by beshoy. She kisses the dog on the forehead a couple of times and then almost immediately nods off.

Super sleepytime. Viabeshoy/Rumble

Say yes to sleepytime. Via beshoy/Rumble

It’s an uber tender moment, and we’re not alone in thinking that. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Either people are enchanted by the adorableness or looking for ways to get their kids to get to sleep when they are freaking supposed to.

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