Rottweiler Dog Breed Expert Advice

Rottweilers are smart – sometimes, it seems, maybe a little too much so. They require consistent good guidance and education during the first two years for a Rottie to become a responsible, well-mannered adult. Without training, the cutest pup can turn into an obnoxious delinquent. But with good training, a Rottweiler can become one of the world’s best companions. — September B. Morn, professional dog trainer (from Popular Dogs: Rottweilers)

Contrary to their sleek appearance, Rottweilers shed more than one would imagine. The amount of shedding varies according to the season and climate, although it is usually heavier in the spring and fall when they tend to blow coat (shed heavily). — Kathy Salzberg, N.C.M.G., co-owner of the Village Groomer in Walpole, Massachusetts (from Popular Dogs: Rottweilers)

“Rottweilers are a versatile breed, although when people buy them, a lot of people forget that they are a guarding breed. They are good family members when they have the proper training. They are a large, strong breed that needs to be trained and socialized.” – Eckart Salquist, Rottweiler breeder from Colbert, Washington (from Popular Dogs: Rottweilers)

“Rottweilers appear to have a high prevalence of certain tumor types. This is not evident from the veterinary literature, but when comparing Rottweilers to the regular hospital population, the breed is over-represented for a certain type of tumors, primarily lymphomas, osteosarcomas (bone tumors) and malignant histiocytic tumors.” – C. Guillermo Couto. D.V.M., professor and head of oncology and hematology services at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine (from Popular Dogs: Rottweilers)

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