Saltwater Invertebrates Articles


Aiptasia Anemone
Will the copper-banded butterflyfish take care of my Aiptasia problem?

Fish and Invertebrates for Your Reef Aquarium
Avoid problem species when choosing fish and invertebrates for your reef aquarium.

Fluorescent Aquarium Tube Lights and Urchins Information
Bonus content from the August 2009 AFI magazine column Reef Aquarist.

Piscine Polychaete Predators
Supplement to A Plethora of Polychaetes” Aquarium Fish International magazine, January 2012, Vol. 24, No. 1.

Clam Irritated from Target-Feeding
Bonus content from the September 2010 AFI magazine column Maxima Clam Species Profile.

Anemone Symbioses
Bonus content from the 2012 Coral & Reef USA annual article Deadly Flowers.

Indo-Pacific Genera and Species of Family Fungiidae
A taxonomic breakdown of Indo-Pacific Fungiidae species.

Marine Aquarium Shrimp References
References for the 2013 Coral & Reef USA article “Scintillating Shrimp”

Aquarium Shrimp Taxonomy
A breakdown of ornamental shrimp taxonomy to supplement the 2013 Coral & Reef USA article Scintillating Shrimp