Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-16-06)

Here's the latest update on the missing Westminster Whippet, Vivi.

Here's the latest update on the missing Westminster Whippet, Vivi.

Posted Courtesy of the American Whippet Club

We were all hoping for a phone call today from someone at the apartment building in Windsor Park, which is in Bayside near Flushing, New York, where Vivi was seen on Sunday night, but there has been no response at all. This is extremely disappointing, and also disconcerting. If she spent some time in that building, why weren’t there other sightings? Possibly the man who was seen going into the building with Vivi was only visiting briefly, leaving before Paul and the others got there. If so, he and Vivi may now be hours away.

There is also the possibility that it was not Vivi who was spotted. However, the other sightings in the same area make it very likely that it was she. (There have been many sightings in New York and elsewhere this weekend, but most of them turned out not to be whippets, or the wrong sex, or the wrong color. There are other Whippets with similar markings to Vivis, so even one who looks like her photos doesn’t necessarily have to be Vivi. Some media outlets reported that they had “found” Vivi in Ohio; in that case the dog was not even a Whippet, and not the right color either. Please do not trust the “found” rumors unless they come from Paul, Jil or me.)

Paul went to the apartment building again in the morning, but without success. All the residents in that building are now aware of Vivi, and those who were not home have flyers about her pushed under their doors. The neighborhood is heavily pasted with flyers and posters.

Volunteer Joanne Anderson went to the Windsor Park apartment this afternoon and spoke to the complex security guard riding around in a golf cart, who was interested in helping, took flyers and promised to tell the night shift. It is not likely that Vivi is loose in this area now, but everything helps. There is a large Asian community in Flushing and some of them don’t speak English. It has been suggested that the flyers should be translated, but too many languages are involved and a Vivi picture and “$5000 REWARD!” must catch anyones attention, even if they don’t speak English well.

According to our pet detective, Karin Goin, who called from her car driving back to Oklahoma, what is going to help now is to: 1) Put up more posters. If Vivi is loose again, she will be sighted again. Since she apparently followed the man she was seen with willingly and without a leash she may not be difficult to catch with some kindness and good food; 2) Wait for “the call.” If someone has Vivi in their possession, which is likely, they will call when they realize what they have.

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