Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 03-25-06)

Preparations for the Saturday stake-out begin to take affect in hopes of retrieving Vivi.

Preparations for the Saturday stake-out begin to take affect in hopes of retrieving Vivi.

Posted Courtesy of the American Whippet Club

Whippet: ViviNo more sightings of Vivi today, the first day for some time without a single reported sighting as far as I know. The sightings prove that Vivi is still in the area where she’s been now for at least 12 days, but as long as there is no reason to believe she has moved out of her established territory there may be no cause for concern. Jil and Rick are disappointed, however. Their experience probably mirrors Pauls and mine in previous weeks, and the most important object of their journey was to lay down their scent to keep Vivi comfortable in this area. As the experts keep telling us, lost dogs almost never come back to their owners or the searchers but almost invariably wander into some unsuspecting persons back yard where nobody makes a fuss, just gives them food and quietly closes a gate at the right moment.

The “stake-out” organized on Saturday by Bonnie Folz may provide an opportunity for Jil to get close to Vivi. (For details, see yesterdays update.) I believe Bonnie has emphasized to the volunteers that nobody should try to grab Vivi unless they are absolutely sure of success. Trying to get ahold of her and losing her would make her even more wary of future capture. The important thing is to get Jil on the scene ASAP whenever Vivi is seen. Hopefully she will recognize Jil, although the experts are not certain that a now-feral Vivi would necessarily even do that, at least not immediately.

I would like to get local school children involved in the search. Vivi is demonstrably less afraid of children than of adults. It isn’t going to be easy for a child to catch Vivi but its worth a try. I have a couple of suggestions from people who might be able to help with local school contacts in New York. If you can help, write to me through the Contact Us form on this site and Jeff will forward an email to me. [NOTE FROM JEFF: Please use this technique so your message is not lost in the SPAM.]

“Lost Greyhound advice”
We were advised to contact Michael McCann, who has had a lot of success in catching lost Greyhounds over many years. He is busy with several other cases but writes that we don’t need his help since it seems we are doing everything right anyway. The following is reprinted with his permission from his “Finding Your Lost Greyhound” from Whippets and Greyhounds aren’t identical but the breeds are closely related, and much of what Michael says would apply to Vivi and other lost Whippets as well.

“Post flyers on every available telephone pole, in every supermarket, drugstore, school, church, police station, vets office or any other public building surrounding the area. Ninety percent of lost dogs who are found, are found because someone saw a flyer. The area should be so saturated with flyers that you can’t turn around without seeing one.”

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