Search for Missing Vivi Continues (Updated 04-03-06)

Possible sightings of Vivi investigated further.

Possible sightings of Vivi investigated further.

Posted Courtesy of the American Whippet Club

Nothing new to report, unfortunately. I have spoken to Honi and know that a lot of great people were out today in the area where Vivi was last seen, posting flyers, talking to people and handing out flyers. There have been no confirmed sightings since Monday but there are rumors that one or maybe two people saw her later in the week, and these possible sightings are being investigated.

Honi asks anyone who wants to make flyers or contribute to the search to please contact her. Vivis owners have designated Honi and Bonnie to organize all search efforts in New York, and all decisions should be run through them. If you need to contact Honi I will be happy to forward the information.

Apparently the 1-877 number that was introduced yesterday was still not working as of Saturday afternoon. Until we are sure it works, please use the other two numbers on the flyers for any Vivi sightings: 917-626-1374, or 516-776-0923.

Thanks for your patience!

For more information visit the American Whippet Club website.

Posted: April 3, 2006, 5 a.m. EST

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