Tetra Fish Species

Tetras are freshwater tropical fish that include both small South American fish belonging to the family Charcidae and African fish belonging to the family Alestiidae. There are numerous species that are referred to as tetras, including the very popular neon and cardinal tetras. Other popular types include rasbora tetras, black skirt tetras and head-and-tail light tetras. They are hardy and make good aquarium inhabitants if kept in schools.

Black Tetra Blackline Penguinfish
Bleeding Heart Tetra Blind Cave Tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra Cardinal Tetra
Colombian Tetra / Red-Blue Columbian Tetra Congo Tetra
Diamond Tetra Glowlight Tetra
Head And Tail Light Tetra Lemon Tetra
Neon Tetra Penguin Tetra
Red-Eye Tetra Red-tailed chalceus
Rosy Tetra Rummynose tetra
Serpae Tetra Spotted Headstande