This Dog’s Instagram Is Perfect For People Who Love Food

Dogs, food — what’s not to love?

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This dog represents the foodie in all of us. Via popeyethefoodie/Instagram
This dog represents the foodie in all of us. Via popeyethefoodie/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

As a pet site, we love dogs (and cats and fish and birds and hedgehogs and — well, you get the picture). Not only do we love dogs, but we also love food. We have staff barbecues and potlucks, snack-filled Wednesdays and lunch meetings that often consist of Chinese food, various types of pizza or even a full-on holiday spread. We even write about food (when it’s pet-related, of course).

Our love of food and pets is the reason we can’t get enough of Popeye The Foodie Dog’s Instagram.

Popeye is a rescue dog out of Los Angeles who loves to go out to eat with his humans. Anything from cappuccinos to soup to burgers to sushi — this dog is all about the food. Check out the meals he’s shared (or at least wishes he shared) so far. Warning: The photos may make you hungry.

Meal No. 1: Pizza

You can’t go wrong with pizza.

Meal No. 2: Spicy Chicken Wings

The spicier the better.

Meal No. 3: Waffles

Waffles are best when they come with ice cream and espresso.

Meal No. 4: Ham Sandwich On Ciabatta

Drooling already.

Meal No. 5: Hamburger And French Fries

An American classic.

Meal No. 6: Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup

The perfect combination.

Meal No. 7: Tacos

Taco Tuesday? Pssh, tacos are great any day of the week.

Meal No. 8: Chicken Kabobs

We’re guessing he can’t wait to dig in.

Meal No. 9: Crepes

At least one meal a week has to consist of crepes.

Meal No. 10: Spaghetti And Meatballs

We like to pretend he ate this “Lady and the Tramp” style with his owner.

Meal No. 11: Skewer Sampler

Beer goes great with grilled meats.

Meal No. 12: Barbecue

This meal has all the fixings.

Meal No. 13: Pastrami Sandwich

This, of course, comes with more than just pastrami.

Meal No. 14: Coffee

Because he needs something to wash all the other meals down.

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