Top 10 Cat Stories of 2015

A kayaking kitten, a cat who saved a baby and a family who chose a sofa over their pet all made the news last year in the cat world.

These cats touched our lives over the past year.
These cats touched our lives over the past year.

Cats were up to a lot in 2015, and we covered the cat news that made headlines. The following news items topped the list of most-read CatChannel posts of 2015.

1. Remember Rosie the Kitten Who Thinks She’s a Husky? Now She’s Kayaking with Her Pack.

Little kitten Rosie and her canine family of Husky dogs hit the water for kayaking adventures.

2. Baby Survives Freezing Temperatures Thanks to Cat

A cat saves an abandoned baby from freezing to death.

3. World’s Oldest Living Cat Announced
New Guinness World Record, World’s Oldest Living Cat, goes to 27-year-old San Diego tortoiseshell.

4. New Internet Debate: Is the Cat Going Up or Down the Stairs?

Some say up, some say down, while others say this cat is going nowhere.

5. Cat Heartbroken After Being Given Up for a Couch

Tiger Tim ended up at a shelter and became so distraught that he wouldn’t touch is food.

6. Cat Killed by Vet Was Pet

Veterinarian’s cat-killing goes viral, leaves the nation outraged.

7. From Kittens to Cats: Before and After Photos

A group of cats and their humans recreate photos taken when their felines were kittens.

8. Child Shelters Cat from Storm

A little boy protected a cat and her kittens from heavy rains in Manila.

9. Cat Explains Football to a Kitten

A cat gives his perspective on what the Super Bowl is all about.
10. 90 Cats and Counting

Woman turns home into haven for cats — 122 cats. Plus a husband and two kids.

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