Trim Guinea Pig Nails

Tips on trimming your guinea pig’s nails.

Tips on trimming your guinea pig’s nails.

A guinea pig’s nails grow continuously and must be trimmed about once a month to keep them at a healthy length. Otherwise, the nails will become overgrown, making it difficult for the guinea pig to walk.

Trim a guinea pig’s nails yourself by placing it in your lap with its legs facing forward. Clip off a portion of the nail being careful not to cut too far because you may nip the quick, the part of the toenail that has a vein running through it. (If you hold a flashlight up to a guinea pig’s toenail, you can see the quick inside of it.)

If you do accidentally cut the quick, put a little corn starch or styptic powder on it to stop the bleeding.

If you are uncomfortable trimming a guinea pig’s nails, or if your guinea pig struggles when you hold it, ask your veterinarian to trim the nails for you.


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