Wild Birds

Anna's Hummingbird Anna’s Hummingbird © iStock/ThinkStock

Welcome to the wild birds page at BirdChannel.com. Here you’ll find articles, photos, information and more on all things wild birds and birdwatching. BirdChannel.com is eager to share the pleasure and joy of backyard birds and birding to the pet bird community. BirdChannel.com is dedicated to everything bird, both pet and wild, and we strive to provide the best for beginner and intermediate birdwatchers everywhere.

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Backyard Birding Do you love the birds that visit your back yard and want to attract more? Before you start, find out everything you need to know on how to attract back yard birds with BirdChannel.com’s Back Yard Birding articles. Learn what type of bird seed to purchase, which feeders a certain species is more inclined to visit, and so much more. SEE ALL ARTICLES Bird At Feeder

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Wild Bird Conservation Wild Bird Conservation Wild birds need your help! Find out how to help wild birds, with 25 conservation tips anyone can do, as well a guide on how to create a wildlife garden for your avian visitors. Check out the efforts of corporations to help wild birds, as well as how nationwide efforts have saved certain species. You’ll find it all in the Wild Bird Conservation section. SEE ALL ARTICLES

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