Spring Cleaning For Cat Coats

Get shedding season tips for keeping kitty's fur in great shape.

Long hair or short, there's a grooming style to keep every cat looking and feeling great. Via Magnus Brath/Flickr

With spring comes flowers, green grass and shedding! Whether you have a long or short-haired cat, this time of year means hair and dander in abundance. Having the right tools and grooming routine can help you and your kitty be more comfortable and avoid dry, flaky skin, hairballs and matting caused by loosening hair.

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Tools of the Trade

The right grooming tools can make all the difference when it comes to grooming kitty during shedding season. They save time and make sure your cat enjoys his grooming.

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Medium & Longhaired Cats

For cats with long hair, get a pin brush and a dual toothed comb. The pin brush won’t hurt kitty’s sensitive skin and it helps remove lost hair. It also brings the oils in the skin out to the end of the hair shaft and spreads them over your cat’s body, which make the coat nice and shiny and helps keep it clean (naturally repels dirt). Brushing will also stimulate the skin.

If your longhaired kitty has a lot of tight or large mats, try sprinkling baby powder on them. This is a secret that dog show groomers taught me and it works great on cats, too. Just put a dab on the mat itself, rub in with your fingers and then gently comb through. You will find yourself cutting out fewer mats using this method.

Furminator solution for cats works to help reduce shedding and the chance of hairballs by loosening all that hair at once. Put it on your cat for 10 minutes, before rinsing off.

Shorthaired Cats

A simple plastic pin and bristle combo brush works well to get the excess fur off a cat with short hair. A wide-toothed comb works great, too. The bristle brush will spread those important oils over your kitty and stimulate the skin.

Whether you have a shorthaired or a longhaired cat, the same basic grooming regime will be effective to get rid of shedding hair which will decrease the chances of hairballs.

The Best Grooming Practices

Brush your longhaired cat daily. For a once a month treatment (or when you start noticing they are shedding a lot) follow these procedures recommend by a Kennel Manager at a veterinarian’s office.

  1. Brush your cat out to remove tangles, mats and already loose hair.
  2. Apply Furminator solution to kitty, leave on for 10 minutes.
  3. Rinse cat off.
  4. Towel dry and brush again to remove remaining hair.

Follow this simple routine and you and your kitty can enjoy the fun of spring, without having hair everywhere or coughing up hairballs.

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