14 Dogs Who Are Too Pure For This World

We really don’t deserve dogs, but we’re so happy we get to share our lives with them.

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Dog dirty socks
What did we do to deserve dogs? thedailylaughs/tumblr
Stephanie Brown

One of the reasons why we love dogs so much is their ability to make us laugh. Their innocence, curiosity and happy-go-lucky spirit make for some adorably funny moments. Whether finding endless hours of entertainment with some as ordinary as a balloon, or getting really, really excited for walks, they teach us to appreciate the simple things in life.

In honor of National Dog Day, here are 14 dogs who are just too pure for this world.

1. This dog who is SO excited for a piece of that meat cake.

TBH, we make that face too when we see cake.

2. This dog who tried to do a cartwheel.

Monkey see, monkey do.

3. This dog who didn’t care that his bed was five times too small.

“Thank you so much for my new bed, human. It is great. I love it. I love you. You’re my best friend.”

4. These dogs having the best time playing with a balloon.

Endless hours of entertainment.

5. This dog who literally tried to taste the rainbow.

It tastes like colors.

6. This dog who discovered his shadow.

“Get this thing off of me!”

7. This dog who loves bananas.

That is bananas.

8. This dog who tried to play fetch with a statue.

“C’mon, guy. Just one throw!”

9. This dog whose favorite night is pizza night.


10. This dog who cannot wait to go for a walk.

Do not say W-A-L-K in front of this dog unless you mean it.

11. This dog who got to meet Santa.

Santa! I know him!

12. This puppy who battled a doorstop.

Must protect family.

13. This dog who tried to cheer up her owner with a pine cone.

“Here, I brought u dis. You happy now, fren?”

14. This dog who is so excited to see her human.

Coming home and having your dog greet you like you’ve been gone for decades never gets old.

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