Top Pet Rescue Stories Of 2016

See the most-read dog and cat rescue stories of the year.

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Rescue cats like Kuli made the news in 2016. Via KuliTheSurfingCat/Instagram
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The year 2016 saw a lot of rescue stories, all with happy endings. Some of the stories brought tears of joy, such as the story of the cat who spent 13 years in a shelter. Others, while joyous, still left a tinge of outrage that such things could still be happening in 2016. All were worthy stories and we share the most popular rescue stories of the year.

10. Cat Finally Adopted After Spending 13 Long Years At A Shelter

Archie, a feral cat, arrived at the shelter when he was a kitten. Via Jennifer Blakeslee/Mother Nature Network

The feral cat was taken in by Mid Hudson Animal Aid when he was a fresh-faced kitten, more than two presidential elections and 10 iPhone models ago. Read more.

9. Man Risks His Life To Save Cats In War-Torn Syria

Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel with one of the many cats he has saved. Via Nobel Peace Prize to Alaa/Facebook

When the “Cat Man of Aleppo,” Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, is not saving people, he is saving cats. Read more.

8. Man Uses Fortune To Save More Than 2,000 Dogs From Slaughterhouse

This is what a hero looks like. Via

A man in China has used his personal fortune to rescue thousands of dogs in the last three years. Read more.

7. Kitten Rejected By The World For Being Too ‘Ugly’ Finds A Loving Home

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to see the beauty in being different. Via Santuario Compasión Animal/Facebook

People thought Romeo the kitten was too ugly to find a home. They were wrong. Read more.

6. One-Eyed Rescue Cat Is Also A Superstar Surfer

Kuli, chilling here on his boogie board, is the very definition of a cool cat. Via KuliTheSurfingCat/Instagram

Kuli is a one-eyed cat who lives in Hawaii and rides his own boogie board. Sounds like a kids’ movie just waiting to happen. Read more.

5. Kitten’s Cries In An Abandoned Hospital Don’t Go Unheard

A little kitten with a big voice caught the attention of a photographer in an old building. Via Daily Mail/Facebook

A photographer rescued a 4-week-old kitten from behind drywall in an old hospital and then adopted the displaced cat. Read more.

4. Kitten With Twisted Arms And Legs Finds Loving Forever Home

Her name is Pretzel and she’s a tiny little warrior. Via PAWsitive/Rumble Video

A kitten named Pretzel had all the odds stacked against her. But thanks to her strong will (and loving support from some kind humans), she is finally thriving. Read more.

3. Flight Attendant Adopts Street Dog Who Waited Outside Her Hotel For Months

“This dog would not take no for an answer.” Via Olivia Sievers/Facebook

Olivia Sievers flew to Argentina for more than six months as part of her job as a flight attendant and happened upon a friendly street dog who ended up following her nearly every time she flew into town. She tried to change her routes while on foot but the dog was always there, waiting for her. She then adopted the dog and took him home with her to Germany! Read more.

2. NFL Player Asks Animal Shelter For A Dog That’s ‘Not-So-Adoptable’

The happy family. Via BARCS Animal Shelter/Facebook

Ronnie Stanley, offensive tackle for the Baltimore nRavens wanted a shelter dog, but not just any shelter dog. He asked the BARCS Animal Shelter of Baltimore, Maryland for the dog who was “not so adoptable,” and they presented Stanely with Winter, who found his forever home. Read more.

1. Puppy Goes To Shelter And Chooses Kitten To Take Home

A beautiful story about a Tamaskan puppy whose owners wanted to also rescue a kitten from the shelter. So they took Raven to the shelter where he was introduced to several kittens, one of which he took a liking to. They have since bonded and are great friends. Read more.

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